Art for Air 2022

Unlocking a new perspective with Art for Air

Supporting local creators

In the summer of 2022, we launched the second wave of IQOS Art for Air – a campaign that aims to support creators and change the urban environment for the better.

Purifying the air in our cities

In collaboration with the intermedia artist and researcher Eli Joteva, we created a mural in Varna – one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria. The mural was painted using ‘Airlite’ – an innovative and environmentally friendly paint that actively purifies the air.

The unique artwork told a story about the art of being together, about the energy that moves us forward, about sharing and accepting our differences. The sun, the endless sea horizon, the real inhabitants of the Black Sea, the 3D model of the city’s buildings, and the hand that offers a flower communicated the brand values in an unexpected way while inviting passers-by to unlock another dimension of the art piece.

Bringing the artwork to life

By scanning the mural with their phone, people were able to make the artwork come to life with an interactive AR experience that was focused on the key elements of the composition. In addition to the on-site AR experience, we also created a filter that brought the artwork to different places across the country through the screens of our audience.