Renault Infinity Room

An infinite space for the new Renault CLIO


In 2019, we had to introduce the new Renault CLIO to the Bulgarian market, making an impression to journalists and influencers at an exclusive private event, as well as to end consumers.


The iconic model has gone through an exterior evolution, but the real change lies inside. Its completely redesigned, spacious interior inspired us to create a room, big enough to present it in —
 an infinite one.

The Renault Infinity Room

We created the first infinity room in Bulgaria and placed the new Renault CLIO in its centre. This way, we gave visitors the impression of infinite space and provided them with a place to get inspired, experience the car and capture the photo opportunities.

The room was first unveiled at Renault’s fleet event in front of influencers and journalists.

After positive reactions, it was moved to a pop-up space in Sofia Ring Mall for 3 weeks during the year’s busiest period — the Christmas holidays.