Pocket Science
Digital Campaign


In 2016 VISA developed a new initiative called “Our Money” which has the objective of including financial studies in the curriculum of secondary schools in Bulgaria.

Our task was to spread the word and differentiate this programme from other similar initiatives by showing a new understandable side of the subject.


Young people don’t find the finance topic interesting — conversations about it always seem rather pragmatic and boring.


Teenagers are keen on fashion, love to buy and possess fashionable 
items, and always strive to be cooler. However, they’re too young to earn money 
and therefore often depend on their parents to buy them the things they want.

That’s why we created a cool new fashion brand that suits the pocket of any teenager.

Pocket Science — the brand which lets you buy clothes with knowledge, not money

Pocket Science

The brand offered different items which suited the latest trends among teenagers: oversized sweatshirts, t-shirts, patches and caps with embroidery.

Each item focused on a certain financial term and a tailor-made label explained its definition in a simple and entertaining way.

Pocket Science designs
Pocket Science


We created a website where teenagers could browse through the Pocket Science products and buy them with knowledge, not money.

To get a chosen product, the visitor had to collect currency points, by watching a video from “Ucha.se” on a specific financial subject and taking a short test on the topic.

The participants were also able to sign a petition for including the “Our Money” programme in their school curriculum.


To reach more teenagers between the age of 14 and 18, we contacted 5 famous vloggers to create videos on the financial topic. Similar to our campaign approach, the vlogs looked at the subject in a more light and entertaining way.

Pocket Science designs


During the first 2 months of the activation the following results were achieved:

More than 18 350 unique visitors to the website.

On average, users spend 8.5 minutes on the website.

20 users have spent over 2 hours in the site.
One of them even spent 4.5 hours solving tests.

More than 18 731 tests were solved successfully.

All 897 items were sold out in the first 30 days.

2266 petitions signed from 606 schools in 180 cities and towns in the country.