The New Star
Experiential & Digital


To turn Heineken’s new star can into a can everyone wants to be seen with.


Only Heineken’s new can can activate The New Star photo installation, taking 360-degree GIF images for visitors.

The New Star

Image recognition

Use your Heineken star can to activate the installation

Our Image Recognition Camera software will detect the Heineken star.

Stand on the spot

30 synchronised Sony Cameras will activate in the same time and take a photo from all angles. You will have 3 seconds to get ready.

Pose for the cameras

Make a face, jump in the air or do whatever you feel like, and the cameras will capture it from all angles.

Wait for your GIF

Another custom-developed software will stitch together the photos from all camers and will generate your 360-degree photo.

See your GIF


Find your GIF on NEWSTAR.BG and share it with your friends.


In 3 weeks, in 3 cities (Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna), The New Star generated:

1 482 GIF images.

132 519 visitors on NewStar.bg

1:46 minutes spent on NewStar.bg on average.

Silver, FARA 2014

Out of Home, Ambient

Silver, FARA 2014

Interactive Campaign

Silver, FARA 2014

Innovative Use of Digital Media