The Better Halves
Experiential Campaign

Client & Task

Our task was to create a local activation, in order to give away three tickets for the UEFA Champions League Final in Lisbon, in line with Heineken’s global “Match Your Half Ticket” campaign.

Heineken believes that when a “Man of the World” gets a part of something, he won’t stop until he gets the rest of it.

So, we asked ourselves, how far would he go?
What’s the biggest obstacle that stands between him and the big Final?
What could be the ultimate challenge?

Thinking & Approach

Men in Bulgaria are truly passionate about Football. And in order to watch every game, keep track of every score, and see every goal, sometimes they have to sacrifice some of the attention they give to… their better halves!

It’s a never-ending conflict without a solution. And in that problem we found our creative strategy and our challenge for them.

This year Heineken gave Bulgarian men 50,000 Half tickets for thе Final. We spread them all over the country, making sure everyone had an equal chance to participate/ to ensure that everyone who was willing to participate was given an equal start /in order to give everyone willing to participate an equal start.

But we wanted to give the second halves of the tickets to the three most passionate football fans… The ones that would do the unthinkable:

ask their better halves to get it for them

And we didn’t just mean going to the Heineken office and taking them. They had to ask their better halves to sing the Champions League Anthem live.

At a special event in Sofia, all the better halves sang in a choir, in front of an audience. Three of them, who performed closest to the timing of the original Anthem, brought home the second half of the ticket, and gave their loved ones the ultimate gift – a place at the Champions League Final.

To see how we made all of this happen, read our in-depth technical case study of the project:

The Better Halves: Under the hood

Heineken: The Better Halves
Heineken: The Better Halves
Heineken: The Better Halves
Heineken: The Better Halves
Heineken: The Better Halves

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