Words in Rezerv
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Application that enables you to tweet over 140 characters by Next-DC

Everybody should be able to express themselves clearly – be it through calls, messages or tweets. But sometimes 140 characters just aren’t enough.

That’s why Next-DC teamed up with mobile operator Telenor to create Words In Rezerv – an application that enables you to tweet over 140 characters. The platform works by measuring the length of your text and splitting it seamlessly between the tweet and an image in your home feed. The idea is inspired by Rezerv – a service by Telenor providing users with reserve minutes for calls and data when they reach the limit of their mobile plan.


Without Words in Rezerv


With Words in Rezerv


You can try it here: www.wordsinrezerv.com

In a world where short content is the king it is becoming less and less important what you are saying.

But some thoughts weigh more than 140 characters.