The Giant Omnitrix
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Cartoon Network created The Giant Omnitrix to bring parents and children together

Being constantly stressed out and with no free time is pretty normal when you’re a parent, isn’t it? The result – we feel guilty for not spending enough time with our children. But when we say enough we mean quality, not quantity. And Cartoon Network is here to make the difference!

For the launch of the new Ben10 series the channel made a surprise for the whole family – The Giant Omnitrix which can transform them into series’ characters. But only if they work together, as a team. Just like Rook and Ben 10 – the blue alien from Revonnah is always by our little hero and keeps him out of trouble. Well, we mean too much trouble.

The Giant Omnitrix was placed at two key locations in Sofia for a day – The Mall and Serdika Centre. Even at the start of the event the place was already crowded – news had spread and children and parents were waiting for their turn. Couples had to push the two Giant Omnitrix buttons at the same time so as to prove they can work and play together. For two days more than 500 couples proved through The Giant Omnitrix that they can be the perfect team. Which meant that Cartoon Network did what they do best – bring people together to have fun.

The challenge helps parents and kids to rekindle their relationship and create new experiences and shared memories for both of them. Of course they love each other — that’s a given. But what matters here is how they connect to one another to develop the unbreakable bond only really close people can have. Children are always “fully charged” which is exhausting for every grown-up but let’s think about the future – we can’t go back to their childhood and fix what we have missed.