Young Lions Film 2017 Winners

Yanitsa Dobreva and Alexander Antonov from NEXT-DC have won the Young Lions Bulgaria 2017 Film Competition

We are proud to announce that Yanitsa Dobreva and Alexander Antonov have won the Young Lions Film competition in Bulgaria. This means that in June, they will compete against creative teams from all around the world, representing Bulgaria at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

This is the second time members of NEXT-DC have won the Cannes Young Lions Film Competition in Bulgaria.


This year, teams were asked to create a short film promoting Plovdiv as a European Capital of Culture 2019 in just 2 days. The task was to draw attention to the city as a potential destination for Bulgarian and international visitors, highlighting everything the city has to offer — rich history, diverse culture and life.


The team decided to take a step back and think about how people nowadays pick their next destination. And what they found was quite interesting. According to a recent study, 40% of millennials in the UK decide on their holiday spots based on how likely they are to give them great photo opportunities. ‘Instagrammabilty’ appears to be the number one factor, beating affordability, sightseeing and experiencing local cuisine.

Taking this insight as a guiding light, they left for Plovdiv, where photo opportunities were waiting at every corner. The approach allowed them to highlight some of the city’s advantages as a tourist destination, connecting them to popular Instagram trends and hashtags. And made the point to viewers, that apart from your usual hashtags, Plovdiv has a lot more undiscovered photo opportunities to offer. See their winning entry below.