German might not be easy but teaching it can be

A project in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Bulgaria

Teaching German in Bulgaria can be challenging. Young teachers are underpaid, don’t have a clear career path, and most importantly, don’t have the resources they need to develop their professional skills. This is why we partnered with Goethe-Institut Bulgaria to create awareness around the „Berufsstart Deutschlehrer“ project that provides specialized qualification and counseling of young German teachers in Bulgarian schools.

German is famous for being one of the most difficult languages filled with big and complicated words that describe very specific situations or feelings. We used that to our advantage to show that while it’s not that easy to learn, it can be very easy to teach.

With the help of the teachers that have already participated in the „Berufsstart Deutschlehrer“ project, we created new words that represent the positive aspects of teaching German with the confidence that the Goethe-Institut training provides. We used these words to create a simple but effective prints and digital content to really capture die Jungdeutschlehrerentwicklungsförderung of Goethe-Institut.