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#нитоеднаповече — our latest GIF pack #нитоеднаповече — our latest GIF pack

Supporting women in their fight against domestic violence
Supporting women in their fight against domestic violence

The latest cases of domestic violence in Bulgaria sparked something never seen before — hundreds of thousands of people, in different cities, of different ages, with different views, and different culture, reacted as one and came out on the streets in support of women’s rights.

Sadly, the news come as no surprise, but rather another confirmation of the daunting national statics about the rates of violence against women. The evidence of 26 official female murder victims in 2022 alone and 36.3 percent of women aged 18 – 29 who have been abused by a current or former partner is just one small fraction of it.

While corruption makes the cases vanish into thin air, the number of domestic violence victims grows by the day and justice seems to almost never come around.

We believe that it is important to be out on streets supporting the cause. But we also believe it is on us as a society to contribute to the cause within our individual circle of expertise.

Today, we will join the protest offline and online. To support this cause and amplify people's voices digitally, we are unveiling our latest sticker pack dedicated to the struggles faced by women in our country due to an inert government and primitive legislation.

You can find and use these stickers in your stories by typing any of the following hashtags on GIPHY: #несисама #нитоеднаповече #нитоедна #nesisama #nitoednapoveche #nitoedna.

Let's unite for a better and equal future!

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