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NEXT-DC wins international contests for two creative campaigns for Canon CEE

We are happy to announce our recently-formed working partnership with Canon CEE. We will be collaborating on two exciting campaigns for different products. Our creative strategy was selected among the proposals of a number of other European agencies, and will be adapted in 25 countries across Europe.

The campaign idea “Endless Toys” introduces Canon’s Creative Park platform, which allows anyone to print out paper models of animals, buildings, cars, spaceships (you name it!) on his home printer.

The key to the strategy we formed lies in an insight about the key target audience of Creative Park — young parents. Nowadays, children seem to lose interest in their toys, games and other forms of entertainment very quickly. Which leaves parents in the tough position of having to spend more money and time, in order to keep entertaining their young ones. But Canon’s Creative Park platform gives them the ability to give their kids the gift of “endless toys”, as every blank page can be something new.

As part of the campaign, we have created a series of visuals, shot by photographer Vasil Germanov. In collaboration with Oscar-nominated director Zlatin Radev and his studio The Junks we have also created a series of 360° stop-motion videos. The first key visual and 360° video have launched before Christmas as the first phase of the campaign in each country, and the next wave is to be released in the following months.

Our creative strategy and guidelines for all communication channels — Print materials, Social Media, Digital Targeting, Video Content and Experiential, will be adapted in each of the 25 markets in the region.

In addition to that, we are also starting work on a second international project for Canon, details of which we can share soon.

We are excited and honoured to be working with an inspiring brand with a portfolio of innovative products like Canon, and about the opportunity to create campaigns, which reach a wide international audience.

Read the Canon “Endless Toys” Case Study

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