To Russia With Love

How political trolls were sent to their happy place


In today’s reality, social media trolls are by far the most powerful tool for public opinion manipulation. One of the most targeted (or should we say attacked) countries in the last decade is Bulgaria. And the beginning of the war in Ukraine has made things even worse. Large portions of the population have started to believe in and even spread Russian propaganda.


Trying to fight Putin supporters with valid arguments is a lost cause. But this doesn’t mean you should hold back. That’s why our team came up with a simple, yet effective way to end every online argument in your favour — an “airline” that sends trolls to their happy place despite the ban on flights to Russia.


We created a web ticket generator providing political trolls with a one-way trip to various destinations in the country of their dreams — from Moscow all the way to Vladivostok. What our mission needed now was a bunch of free-thinking individuals who could spread those tickets in their social feeds.


In the first few hours after the project announcement, hundreds of personalised tickets were attached as replies under pro-Russian posts and comments on social media. Trolls were invited to leave the European Union for good and head to the land of endless happiness.

Media coverage

In the next few days the campaign grabbed the attention of both influencers and respected media outlets who further spread the message and helped it reach hundred of thousands of people.

With no financial and governmental support, we managed to tackle a significant public issue and remind ourselves what we actually have in terms of freedom.


5200 users in the first 10 days

3300 tickets generated

2800 tickets uploaded

0 EUR media budget


Bronze at Kyiv International Advertising Festival