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Reshaping the motorsport culture in Bulgaria Reshaping the motorsport culture in Bulgaria




Design and Production, Community building

Overdrive is the first Bulgarian team to ever compete in the prestigious German racing series GT4. Even though this was a remarkable achievement for a country that doesn’t have a proper racing track, local media had largely missed or overlooked the story. Inspired by the underdog nature of Overdrive’s journey, we decided to create a full-length documentary to let the world know. We named it “The First Lap”.

Production started in March 2021.

A dedicated shooting crew began following Overdrive’s every move, capturing the team’s highs and lows in-real time until the very end of the racing season. The filming process included in-depth interviews with drivers, mechanics, and family members as well as live footage from preparations, trainings, and races. Filming took place in four countries across Europe — Germany, England, Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece and The Netherlands.

After months of intensive post-production work, “The First Lap” was released on October 12, 2023.

The documentary premiered at Cinema City Paradise in front of a fully booked hall. The premiere was followed by a series of screenings across more than 10 towns and cities which sold over 1000 tickets.

Coverage and recognition

“The First Lap” quickly gained the attention of local media and got covered by prominent outlets such as Bulgarian National Television, Bulgarian National Radio, Bloomberg TV, Euronews, Sportal, and many others. Apart from that, the film achieved critical acclaim at numerous motorsports film festivals and won four awards that reinforced its impact worldwide.

By sharing this inspirational story with a wider audience, the documentary played a significant role in reshaping the motorsports culture in Bulgaria.

It not only celebrated Overdrive’s achievements but also became a symbol of hope and determination for the racing fans and enthusiasts across the country.