Two scarves bringing warmth and good mood
in the coldest of months

Today we introduce our first ever merch drop. A pair of scarves to keep you both warm and stylish this winter.

We’ve always pondered the idea of merch, but weren’t really sure who would wear clothes with our logo. So instead, we decided to create something we would like to see on people around us — non-football football scarves. Take a look at the impromptu photo shoot we did in the office with our friend Mihail Novakov.


First one is called SHIFTSHAPE and is inspired by our SHAPESHIFT Тalks. It literally changes shape as it has two different sides.


The second one is called NO SMOKING, and it has a giant cigarette on it. Yes, we know it makes no sense, just like smoking.

You can order a scarf via DM on Instagram, from the The Underdog Shop website, or you can find a bunch of them at Stinky Socks Shop.

All proceeds from the sales are going to charities supporting people affected by the recent wave of earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria.