MELBA Design Festival

Sealing the jars with the best in design for 2021

MELBA is a festival for design in Sofia, Bulgaria.

It has been bridging the gap between local and international designers since 2018 through exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

At the end of every summer people across Bulgaria make compotes and pickles to preserve fresh produce over time. When creating the brand identity for the 4th edition of MELBA we got inspired by the deep roots of the end-of-season tradition.

This resulted in a flavourful visual language representing the conservation of seasonal goods. We used shapes resembling fruit and vegetables and sealed the jars with the best in design for 2021.

Interactive Design

We brought the brand identity to fruition by translating it into a custom interactive website.

The 2D physics engine allowed visitors to shake the jars and play around with their contents throughout the whole website.