LIDL: Veloline

A new angle for mountain bikers


To help tourists get an easier access to the closest mountain, Lidl created the Green Line — buses, traveling from Sofia’s center to Vitosha.


Our task was to spread the word about the Green Line and bring more people up the mountain.


One of the most popular summer activities in the mountain, even though it’s a dangerous sport, is mountain biking. It’s also one of the least caught on camera.


Teaming with Robotev, we created an interactive system that records the extreme forest rides.



A push of a button activates the system and gives the rider a ticket.

The Veloline installation


During the ride four cameras, connected with motion sensors, capture him/her and upload the footage on a microsite.


Each rider can then find their video on the microsite, by using the hour on the ticket.

Campaign video

To spread the word and invite mountain bikers to try the installation, we created a video, targeted at fans of the extreme sport.

Awards & recognition

  • FARA 2016
    Silver, Ambient Campaign
  • FARA 2016
    Silver, One-to-one Communication