LIDL: Design Bookery

Design inspiration on the go


Even though Lidl supports different festivals and artistic events it is still not perceived as a brand close to the ideas and the world of contemporary urban people.


To show that Lidl can have a meaningful presence during the Bulgarian design festival One Design Week.


To show that Lidl understands the needs of modern urban people, we decided to deal with a problem that most of them face — the lack of places for quality design literature.

That’s why we created Design Bookery — a travelling library with more than 150 books on design from leading international publishing houses.

Design Bookery is a travelling library focusing exclusively on design books.

An old cargo container was turned into a comfortable reading room that graced the streets of Sofia and Plovdiv.

Visitors could look at iconic titles from the fields of graphic, product and web design, illustration, and typography.

All books were selected by Bulgarian professionals who were presented in the programme-newspaper of Design Bookery.