KFC: The Colonel on Snapchat

An original recipe for launching KFC’s new channel


When we began working on KFC’s digital presence, Facebook was the main social media channel of the brand.

The client wanted to reach an audience of teenagers with a “Back To School” communication, focused on the popular Crunch Burger.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to connect with this target group in a surprising and memorable way.


During the summer holidays teenagers like to keep in touch via social networks.

Snapchat is one of the channels they are most active on and where they can communicate without the presence of teachers or parents.

The idea

We decided to launch the Colonel’s new Snapchat profile, by giving him a unique identity and creating a series of activations in the first days of school, using the social network’s native features.

Key Visuals

For teenagers, becoming friends with the Colonel on Snapchat meant they could be the first to find out how to win exclusive prizes, like Comic Con tickets and free Crunch burgers for their whole class.

We engaged them through a series of fun activations native to the platform, including designing your Comic Con costume and changing your Bitmoji avatar to look like the Colonel.

Launching a finger snappin’ good new channel

As Gen Z is becoming increasingly detached from Facebook and is moving towards other channels, for us it’s important to stay ahead and be in touch with them in a way that’s fun and feels natural.

The Crunch Together campaign was part of our strategy to attract a loyal following on new digital platforms. As a result, KFC became the first brand in Bulgaria to establish a Snapchat fanbase and to utilise the channel’s features in an engaging way for a young audience.

Visitors could look at iconic titles from the fields of graphic, product and web design, illustration, and typography.

The positive reaction, high levels of engagement and numerous DMs the Colonel got, all mean we’re on the right track.