Heineken: The New Star

A can of Heineken you want to be seen with


To turn Heineken’s new star can into a can everyone wants to be seen with.


Only Heineken’s new can can activate The New Star photo installation, taking 360-degree GIF images for visitors.

Step 1
Use your Heineken star can to activate the installation

Our Image Recognition Camera software will detect the Heineken star.

Step 2
Stand on the spot

30 synchronised Sony Cameras will activate in the same time and take a photo from all angles. You will have 3 seconds to get ready.

Step 3
Pose for the cameras

Make a face, jump in the air or do whatever you feel like, and the cameras will capture it from all angles.

Step 4
Wait for your GIF

Another custom-developed software will stitch together the photos from all camers and will generate your 360-degree photo.


Find your GIF on NewStar.bg and share it with your friends.

Awards & recognition

  • FARA 2014
    Silver, Out of Home, Ambient
  • FARA 2014
    Silver, Interactive Campaign
  • FARA 2014
    Silver, Innovative Use of Digital Media