Heineken: The Focus

A stare-down with the master of concentration


It’s getting harder and harder to focus on just one thing. And when it comes to UEFA Champions League matches, every blink could be crucial.


Heineken decided to find and reward the most concentrated fans by challenging them to a stare-down with one of the most cool-headed football players — Andrea Pirlo.


We created a website that tests the concentration of each visitor in a battle with Pirlo himself.

Using AI-powered face tracking technology, we detected the movement of each player’s eyes, both on desktop and mobile devices.

Those who managed to withstand Pirlo’s stare the longest without blinking or looking away won a ticket for an exclusive screening of the Final.

The Final Event

The screening for the most concentrated fans was held at an exclusive location — The Ancient Serdica complex, part of The Largo of Sofia.

The space occupied by the remains of the ancient Roman city of Serdika was turned into an arena worthy of an event for the Champions League Final.

  • 127,000 visitors

    The Focus was visited over 127,000 times.

  • 38,000 stare-downs

    Players held over 38,000 battles against Andrea Pirlo.

  • 5 minutes

    The average game time was 5 minutes and 8 seconds.

  • 1,430 leads

    1430 leads were collected from the website.

Awards & recognition

  • FARA 2019
    Gold, Websites
  • FARA 2019
    Bronze, Product Campaign
  • FARA 2019
    Bronze, Digital Craft