Heineken: 80kmToSpace

Inspiring Heineken fans to reach space


Create an activation that will find the three Bulgarian men most worthy of winning space training in NASA’s headquarters in Texas.


Space is actually only 80 kilometres above the ground. And whoever manages to go over that distance is recognised as an astronaut by NASA.


Those who manage to go over 80 km and become astronauts in their own right will win the trip to Houston.


We created the 80kmToSpace app for iOS and Android, which allows users to track and save any vertical distance they cover.

We challenged all Heineken fans to start reaching new heights and to collect pictures of their progress.

The first three to reach 80 kilometres would win the big prize.


All the pictures our users uploaded were collected on 80kmToSpace.com — where everyone could browse, share and comment on them.


During the summer, we were challenged to reach our audience where they were likely to be – on the road to the seaside. We used a new media channel – hitchhikers, to spread the word about the campaign. 20 Heineken hitchhikers were spread along the high-traffic roads in Bulgaria. Over 500 cars stopped and learned about 80kmToSpace.

PR Activity

To tell Heineken fans about 80kmToSpace, we challenged Kiril Nikolov “Disl”, world vice-champion in Mountain Orienteering, to climb up the tallest buildings in Sofia and to collect 1KM using our app in less than two hours.

Awards & recognition

  • FARA 2014
    Gold, Digital Campaign
  • FARA 2014
    Gold, Interactive Communication
  • FARA 2014
    Gold, Websites, Microsites & Mobile Applications
  • FARA 2014
    Silver, New Communication Channels
  • FARA 2014
    Bronze, Media Campaign