GIFs for change

A GIF pack for your protest story


Both as a company and as a group of like-minded individuals, NEXT-DC has supported the 2020 summer protests for political change in Bulgaria since day one. Despite the ruling elite’s attempts to discredit the social unrest in every way they could, we saw the protests for what they truly are — a sincere representation of people’s repulsion for the corrupt political system, unjust legislation, protection of criminal figures and lack of European vision for the future.


The protest movement in Bulgaria, while active on the streets, was not really visually present on the most prominent online platforms that help people document what’s really happening and express their views with a wider audience.


We created a powerful GIF Pack that draws on the absurdity of the political state of the country and spreads awareness about the protests and protesters’ desire for change. In order to use it, people had to simply search for the hashtag “OSTAVKA” (“resignation”) within the Instagram Stories GIF functionality or type “RESIGN” if they are located in another part of the world that needs visual support for its local cause for change.


The stickers quickly gained attention and helped thousands of people express their dissatisfaction with the ruling government. Their success among the protesters is evident through the 2.7 million GIF and sticker views on Instagram.

Awards & Recognition

The Drum Chip Shop Awards 2021 — Nomination, Best Use of Honesty

The Drum Chip Shop Awards 2021 — Nomination, Best Political

IAB MIXX Awards 2021 — Bronze, Real Time