Gemcorp: Online Strategy

Concept art in the world of finance


Gemcorp is an independent investment management firm with years of experience trading on emerging markets. They offer a broad range of investment services and strive to positively impact the societies and economies in which they operate.


We were tasked with creating a new web strategy for the company, to help them refresh their online image and to reflect their brand values in their online presence.


Our focus was to create bold visuals which represent the Gemcorp brand in an elegant and sophisticated manner, mixing together traditional with modern features. “The art of seeing the bigger picture” was our final concept — in the world of global finance the work that Gemcorp does is nothing short of art. Their solutions are well-crafted, thoroughly thought out, and with a worldwide impact.

Main visuals

To highlight the main advantages of partnering with Gemcorp, we used visuals with aerial photographs, which resemble works of art, and a bold tone of voice.

Flexibility & Innovation

Creative solutions that work.

Rigorous Risk Control

Smart. Quick. Action.

Local Market Intelligence

Market nuances? We know the full palette.

Long-term Partnerships

Our partners are on the map, because we drew it together.


We commissioned Teodor Georgiev — a young Bulgarian illustrator based in Helsinki, to work on a series of intricate images for the website, which would visualise Gemcorp’s services and values.

Team portraits

To complete the brand’s bold & innovative presence, we took photos of the management team members which feature contemporary architecture and intriguing light. The portraits were shot by London-based photographer Ivo Ivanov inside a world-famous art gallery in the UK’s capital.