Finlandia: Museum of Less Ordinary

An exhibition in which your senses guide you

Museum of Less Ordinary is part of Finlandia’s campaign “1000 Years of Less Ordinary Wisdom”. We created a temporary museum with no information or names of the exhibits.

Visitors relied solely on their senses and experienced the artworks free from the influences, which an author’s name and reputation bring.

We started with a less ordinary place — the ruins of an old Chinese restaurant.

Working with the curatorial team studio Komplekt, we arranged the exhibition, using the three main senses...

Finlandia: Museum of Less Ordinary


Special wooden boxes contained 8 objects by some of Bulgaria’s most prominent jewellers, sculptors and architects. Visitors could touch the exhibits, but not see them.


Sketch artist Ico Ptico created nameless portraits, inspired by the Finlandia video “1000 years of less ordinary wisdom”.


Interactive wall, decorated by Tsvetislava Koleva, concealed the music of emerging Bulgarian sound artists Evitceles, Mytrip and Dayin.

Interactive museum cards

Instead of museum cards each visitor held a personal museum card in his smartphone. On a special microsite they could try to name the author and their work or could share their authentic feeling of what they experienced.

Video — location 1

Video — location 2