Finlandia: Internet of Less Ordinary

An internet free of reviews and opinions


Our brief was to create a digital activation, part of Finlandia Vodka’s global campaign “100 years of less ordinary wisdom”.

We wanted to provoke the young, active audience to think about the choices they make every day.


In an online environment, oversaturated by reviews, ratings and opinion leaders, it’s hard to form an unbiased, individual point of view.


That’s why we created an alternative — “Internet of Less Ordinary”. A product, which hides others’ opinion, and let’s you trust your own instincts.

Browser Extension

When users installed our Chrome browser extension, it covered elements in popular websites and social media, like reviews & ratings of music & movies, number of Twitter followers, Facebook event guests, and articles from opinion leaders, and replaced them with quotes inspired by Finlandia’s characters. The messages encouraged them to trust their own inner voice and personal taste.


We created a website, which presented the Chrome extension as a product, which can help you silence the voice of others on the Internet, and to trust your own.