The Path to Reconnection

MIRO is the world's leading visual collaboration platform.

For a third consecutive year, MIRO hosts DISTRIBUTED — an annual event for connection and collaboration in a world of hybrid and remote work.

The topic of DISTRIBUTED 2021 is "The Path to Reconnection".

Working with this topic and the graphic identity, designed by the MIRO team, we developed a set of assets for the festival.

Intro video
Intro video for the festival inspired by MIRO's mission to humanize the digital.
Keynote set design and video
Set design idea and execution and production of the video for the main speakers at the festival.
Promo video and animations
Various animations promoting DISTRIBUTED 2021
Conference video animations format
Animations for the speakers and breaks during the live event.
People who helped make this happen


  • Animento Studio

Intro Video

  • Director
    Demetry Vasilev, Nulla
  • DOP
    Teodor Fichev
  • Producer
    Elia Petrova, Nulla

Keynote Video

  • Director
    Zoran Petrovski
  • DOP
    Anton Ognyanov
  • Camera & Gimbal operators
    THE GANG 3000
  • Gaffer
    Kiril Yonchev

Keynote Set Design

  • Set Design/Art Direction
    Andrea Popova
  • Stage
    Those Guys