Cartoon Network: The Giant Omnitrix

Turning kids and parents into superheroes


Spending quality time with your children after a long and stressful day can often be a challenge. The good news: Cartoon Network is there to help. But this time as a source of entertainment for both the kids and their parents.


For the launch of Ben10’s new season the channel made a surprise for the whole family — The Giant Omnitrix which transforms them into series’ characters. But only if they work together, as a team. Just like Ben10 and his alien friend Rook who is always by our little hero and keeps him out of trouble.

Bringing parents and children together with The Giant Omnitrix

Placed at two key locations in Sofia, The Giant Omnitrix challenged kids and parents to become the perfect team. They had to push the installation’s two special buttons at the exact same time, showing they can work and play together.

For two days more than 500 couples proved through The Giant Omnitrix that they can be the perfect team. Which meant that Cartoon Network did what they do best — bringing people together to have fun.